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Thank you for your interest in the Jerome Artists Cooperative LLC. This page is for artists who may be interested in becoming members in our organization and showing in our gallery. Before reading further, please be aware that membership is only open to artists living and working in the Jerome area, this includes Jerome, Sedona, Prescott and the Verde Valley. Applications from outside this geographic area will not be considered. Please see the Eligibility section below for more information.

As the name implies, our gallery is owned and operated by the intrepid artists and craftspeople who show here. We started the business in 1996 in order to provide a badly needed venue for local artists. Since then the gallery has exceeded all expectations for growth and profitability and the future looks ever brighter. But before you cast your lot in with us you'll probably want to know...

How it Works

If you've never been involved with a cooperative before, here's a little run down on how the monster functions:

A cooperative is basically business by democracy, and as impossible as that may sound, it does actually work. The trick is getting the right people involved who will do their part.

Our business is an LLC (that's a Limited Liability Company) and is managed by an annually elected committee nominated from among the LLC partners and overseen by a salaried manager who is also an LLC partner.

The day to day business of the gallery is handled by various committees that take on everything from advertising to housekeeping. Active participation by all members in one or more committees is essential to the continued success of our gallery.

New members are required to undergo a six-month probationary period, at the end of which they may be invited to join the LLC. If they choose not to join at that time, their cooperative membership will continue as before but they will not be eligible to serve on the Jury or Management Committees, nor will they receive any disbursement of LLC profits. They will remain eligible to join the LLC from then on as long as they remain a member in good standing.


If you are a fine artist or crafts person residing in the Verde Valley you are eligible to apply for membership. We showcase the work of local artists who want to take an active role in the Jerome arts community. We ask that you be the sole originator of your work, that the work be original, recent, hand made, and different from other work that we are currently showing. Partnerships and collaborations will be considered under certain situations.

Getting In

Prospective members must return a completed application along with 5 photographs of their work. Please do not leave artwork at the gallery. Applications without photographs will not be considered. If you have or need a special display for your work (i.e. jewelry case, pedestal, etc.) please ask for a copy of the floor display guidelines. If you have photos of your display, please submit those with your application as well.

If your application passes muster, the Jury Committee will then notify you by phone of the next available jury date and time. Bring in original work only when you come to be juried, plus any display information the committee might ask for. Three to six pieces of your work ought to be enough.

All applicants will be notified by mail following the jury process and accepted members will be taken through the steps of having their work introduced into the gallery.

All We Ask

Membership in the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery is a privilege and as such comes with certain expectations and responsibilities. This is a great place to sell your work, but members must never forget that they are the ones expected to keep the business running. Nobody else is going to do it for you.

All members must attend a monthly general meeting to keep up to date on gallery business. In addition, members must participate in one or more committees, which may require up to four hours or more of their time each month. Think about where your talents lie and what you'd like to do for the gallery.

New members are currently required to work 4 shifts (16 hours) a month in the gallery, with an option to go to 2 shifts (8 hours) per month after 6 months. Space rental is based upon size and number of shifts you work. A one-time, non-refundable membership fee of $100.00 is required of all new members. For members joining the LLC at a future date, this fee will be deposited into their capital account at this time. The Jerome Artists Cooperative LLC receives a 20% commission on all retail sales made in or referred by the gallery or its web site.

Download this application as Adobe PDF.  For those unfamiliar with the Jerome Artists Cooperative Gallery, it is located in the old Hotel Jerome.

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